Posted by kelly ozmon on 01-10-2017

Under eye puffiness is a common issue seen in our skin clinic. It is caused by excess fluid build-up and thinning, weakened tissue around the eyes. "One of our greatest formula's, Exceptionnelle ultra firming eye serum has successfully reduced our clients under eye issues by up to 80%," says Kelly, Co-founder of Joli Visage Skincare".

The formula is a special combination of French Peptides, Hesperidin, Indian Gooseberry & anti-oxidants combined together in just the correct cocktail. "We achieved a lucrative contract with Costco Wholesale based on this one product," says Kelly. "When we demonstrated this product, we would tell customers to use their fourth finger and use a gentle rolling motion from the inner corner of the under eye, (near the nose) to the outer corner of the eyes, creating a lymphatic drain using pressure and releasing toxins," says Kelly.

There is more contributing factors in under eye dark circles and puffiness. To read more on ways you can achieve improved results, read Dermascope magazines article on 10 things about puffy eyes here

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