Phoenix Facial Oil

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facial-oil-1.jpgPhoenix Facial Oil dramatically rehydrates parched skin with a blend of luxe botanical oils and CoQ10. Best for dry skin in need of deep hydration and silky-smooth nourishment.

Recommended for:
All Skin Types, but recommended for those with dry or mature skin may benefit the most.

Treatment for Anti-aging - Sallow & Dull - Dryness

This rich combination of concentrated moisture oil provides long-lasting, and effective moisturizer and repairs dry, parched skin. Joli Visage Skincare oil sink in deeply and quickly to moisturize and nourish with antioxidants and Vitamin E, which work to hydrate dry skin and give it a fresh, natural glow.

Scent: Lightly herbal and nutty
Texture: Medium-weight oil
Color: Deep orange