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Joli Visage Lux Beauty Tool

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Our Lux Beauty Tool offers the most unique design for repairing, and treatment of skin for home use.

The design is elegant and functional with two options depending on the application you desire.  The sleek design of the acrylic handle with the non-slip grip can be used as a traditional micro needling application or easily adapt to a serum application handle.

The convenient ampoule handle allows you to apply the correct amount of concentrated serum into the skin in a controlled way with an easy touch spray at the end of the handle.   When the skin has been injured (a controlled injury) by the tiny, small needles the active ingredients from the serum are infused into the skin and start  deep repair of fine lines, acne scars, discoloration and wrinkles.  A visible change can be achieved within weeks of starting the device!

A state-of-the art treatment with real results!

How to use:

Start by using 1-2 times per week, increasing the procedure as the skin acclimates to micro-needling.

We Recommend any of our serums, Curestem or Filorga for this device 



Needle material: Derma Roller 192/540 Pins Stainless steel/Titanium

Needle length: 0.2mm-3.0mm

Color: Transparent

Technology: Micro-needle Treatment



Do not use with any electronic implanted medical devices such as pacemakers.

Do not use without prior approval from your healthcare provider if you have a medical condition.

Do not use if you have or are experiencing any of the following: open wounds, injuries, or sores; herpes; hepatitis; inflammation or sunburn; infections; contagious or e-topic dermatitis; fever; metallic implants; extreme hypertension and cerebral infarction; metal pins or implants; electrical implant; cardiac health conditions; irregular heartbeat; thyroid problems; inflamed or folliculate acne; pregnant or menstruating; epilepsy; multiple sclerosis; furunculous; carbuncle; enigma; general lupus; Madison's Disease; any bleeding illnesses,  (higher capillary activity clients should use caution when using microcurrent devices) 

Not for use on or by children between 12 and 17 without direct parental supervision.

Do not use on children under age 12.

For External Use Only


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