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Founded in 2001 Joli Visage Skin Care Products 

Award Winning Treatments & Products, Clinical Strength

Immediate & Visible changes

Estheticians & Dermatologist Recommend LED Rejuvenation Light Therapy






 “While it’s hard to imagine that these devices work, there is real science backing it up,” says independent beauty chemist David Pollock. He explains that NASA first harnessed the power of LEDs to grow plants on the space shuttle in zero gravity. The light encourages cells to produce more of the chemical adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which fuels healthy growth and functioning; fibroblast cells, for example, will become better at producing collagen with more ATP. When the scientists tried red light on astronauts, their wounds healed faster, too—again, thanks to higher levels of ATP. Further research showed the various positive effects of infrared light, as well as visible red and blue light, on biomatter, and thus the science of LLLT was born.

Live effects of infrared light, as well as visible red and blue light, on biomatter, and thus the science of LLLT was born. 


pril 24, 2018, 11:19 AM CDT





We offer Visage LED Rejuvenation Light Therapy Mask the most effective treatment we offer at our skin clinic in Murrieta, Ca.  Inspired by NASA, the patented Light Therapy device uses different wavelengths that deal with sagging, wrinkling skin, acne, and inflammation.

This unit is powered by LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Technology & contains four colored lights for targeted treatments. The calming & rejuvenating benefits will continue to improve complexion, reduce redness and boost circulation. This is a very important component for anti-aging. It will treat hyperpigmentation, blemishes and sun damage. Featured in Vogue as one of the key devices in 'the future of beauty!

Visage LED Rejuvenation Light Therapy Mask uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to correct & target skins specific issues.  Your Light Therapy results will be more dramatic if you use high quality skin care products.  


We recommend layering products that specifically address the concerns of your skin:

-Triple Effect Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Plumps & Hydrates

-Joli Visage Turmeric Vitamin C+ Facial Glow Serum - Deep Hydration & Calming

-Accelerating - DNA Epidermal Growth Factor Serum - Stimulates Cell Renewal

-Filorga NCTF 135 HA - Apply Serum After Micro needling & Use LED Mask - Lessens fine lines & wrinkles

We recommend ways to treat the skin incorporating clinical ampoules & serums.

Feel free to contact one of our estheticians at our skin clinic for more ways to get results!

Red 620-625nm, Red Light- Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production

Blue 460-465nm, Blue Light- Calms and Tightens Skin Yellow 588-590nm, 

Yellow 588-590nm, Yellow Light- Smooths Skin and Reduces Redness





Are there Scientific Studies for LED Light Therapy?
LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of Universities, Medical Labs and most importantly NASA. Actually, there have been over 2000 reports and documents written on this technology.

Does Photon Rejuvenation or LED Light Therapy cause any pain?
No, it does not cause any pain at all. Actually, it has a very smoothing and calming effect

Can I use skin care products in conjunction with my LED Mask?
Yes, you can. In fact, your Light Therapy results will be more dramatic if you use high quality skin care products. Moreover, you can use your acne products to accelerate your skin curing process.

Do I need eye protection?
The design of this mask does not cover the eye area. Therefore, it is not needed to put on eye protections while performing treatments. However, prevent direct look to the LED and close your eyes during the treatment are suggested.


Wireless, Easy to Carry, & Comfortable 
1x Flexible silicone face device
1x Rechargeable battery controller
1x Head straps
1x Cloth bag
1x Manual
1 Year Warranty from Date of Purchase




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