Refa Design Skincare Tool - Micro-current Face Lifting Roller Set

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What does Microcurrent do for your skin?

Microcurrent facials tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, and have been shown to reduce wrinkles, mostly around the forehead area.

Microcurrent technology has been used as a medical treatment to help damaged tissues and muscles since the 1800s, but it had the added side effect of making patients' skin look smoother, which helped it become one of the first "high-tech" facial treatments. Celebrity facialists and Jolie Day Spa rely on this technology to achieve results for their clients. It works by emitting a gentle electronic current that is believed to tone up the skin by energizing cells and stimulating collagen — with zero pain or downtime.


This petite platinum facial roller is designed to help visibly tighten and rejuvenate skin that tends to slacken around the neck, eye mouth, and face for a firmer, more contoured appearance. We are offering the highest quality device at an affordable, luxury price. The device is a heavier piece made from ABS and metal rollers. We have tested the device for 6 months using it daily with our activator and are extremely pleased with the lifting with clinical results for home use!

How to use:

Firmly grip the handle and try avoiding the setting buttons, generously apply activating serum, roll up and down from under your eyes to your temples, from the corners of your mouth to your cheekbones, and from between your eyebrows to your hairline. These rolling movements can be made slowly and can also be held in place to lift the muscle.

  • Do not use if you have any wounds, swelling, eczema, or other skin abnormality.
  • If your skin reacts negatively, stop usage immediately, and consult a dermatologist or other medical professional.
  • When using please ensure that you thoroughly read the roller’s instruction manual.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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Product Size:156 x 59 x 35mm




Standard Way to Hold

Firmly grip the thickest part of the handle without covering the solar panel with your hand.

Rolling Method

Double Drainage* Rollers: Compact Double Drainage rollers replicate the gentle kneading technique used by professional estheticians to help refine, firm and tone the look of skin that tends to slacken around the eyes, lips, forehead, and jawline. *Drainage is a term that describes a technique performed by professional estheticians and is not meant to express any effect the product has on your body.

Microcurrent: A solar panel embedded in the handle converts available light into a very mild, soothing microcurrent.

Platinum Coating: The surface of the rollers is coated in platinum to minimize irritation and extend their use over time.

Gently roll in both directions as indicated by the arrows.