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Cytocare 640 C Line is a hyaluronic acid revitalization solution ideal to improve skin hydration. The product is designed to restore the hydration level in the skin, improve skin texture, even skin tone, and maintain the barrier function of the epidermis. The application site of Cytocare 640 C Line is in the face and the décolleté. Apply the product to cleansed skin and massage until the liquid has been completely absorbed. Treatments with Cytocare 640 C Line should be repeated every three months to obtain the best results. The duration depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and skin type. 

Cytocare is a revolutionary line of cosmetic skin care products that deliver radiant, youthful skin through a unique combination of innovative ingredients. With its focus on cell-regenerating technology, Cytocare offers a range of products that promote skin renewal, rejuvenation, and revitalization. 

Whether you're looking to address fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin hydration, or combat the signs of aging, Cytocare has a product to meet your needs. Its advanced formula of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants work together to provide a healthy, glowing complexion that lasts. 

Product ID: A0883
Vials 5 x 4 ml.  


  • Do not inject into the blood vessels.

Must not be used for:

  • Patients with any disease or skin changes
  • Patients with a history of autoimmune diseases or immunotherapy.
  • Patients with known hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components.
  • Patients with known hypersensitivity or allergy
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Children 

Caution: We are offering CytoCare Ampoule used in combination with Microneedling for home-use. Please educate yourself and know the depth of the Microneedle before using this treatment. 

Discount: We do not offer an additional discount on our CytoCare Ampoule. Sold for the purpose of Micro-needling or applying directly onto the skin without micro-needling.


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