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JoliPro Super Silicone Cleanser with LED Light Therapy

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The JoliPro Super Silicone Cleanser with LED is a powerful and convenient tool for everyday use! 



The Amazing JoliPro Super Silicone Cleansing Device with Led Light Therapy is the first of its kind and a state-of-the-art design.  Combining ultra-hygienic silicone and 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, this tiny but mighty device removes up to 99.5%* of dirt, oil, sweat and makeup residue in just 1 minute! This unique 1848 soft bristles for a gentle and effective cleanse are only one exciting aspect.  The cleansing and firming massage delivers professional level results into your everyday routine.  What are the results for deep but gentle cleaning?  Removes makeup, removes dead cells and whisks dirt and oil away with no residue.  The most important aspect is the stimulation of blood flow and detoxification in the skin which leads to major anti-aging benefit results!


The revolutionary addition of LED (Light Emitting Diode) in Red, Blue and Yellow is a powerful modality in your everyday routine and conveniently placed in the JoliPro Facial Device Cleansing Device.  After the deep cleansing with the soft bristle sonic technology a quick and convenient LED Treatment can be used on the skin to accelerate the benefits of our unique device.  


FDA APPROVED, the LED can be used for for three different skin issues:  Red LED Wavelength, 620-640 nm helps the production of collagen, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin health.  Blue setting at 410-420 nm. is suitable for sensitive and oily skin, anti-inflammatory and affectively improves acne.  Yellow LED Wavelength 580-590 nm. promotes the self-repair of the cell, activates skin tissue, ATP, and brightens dull skin.




Glycosaminoglycans Collagen & Elastin Conductor Gel-Mask




The JoliPro Soft Silcone Cleansing Device with LED is easy to travel with and delivers expert professional improvements in the skin and is easy to use. We recommend using it every day.  There are many options when using the device.  If you are looking to treat the skin at night with the LED Setting apply the Glycosaminoglycans Conductor Gel and choose the LED for a longer treatment.  For a quick 60 second morning prep, cleanse the skin and brush after using the silicone cleansing device on the face and neck, apply our Superior C Serum and or Reviving Collagen and choose the LED Light that best suits your skincare needs. Use a circular motion, slow motion, even holding in areas of concern.  Within 60 seconds product will  absorb, and LED Light Therapy will activate the product into the skin more effectively.

How to use:

Deep Cleansing:

Dampen face and apply your regular face cleanser. Then wet the Bellasonic and press the universal button to turn on the device. Gently press the soft silicone bristles to your skin and move the device in circular motions around your face, gliding up and down the nose, for 1-2 minutes. Press and hold the universal button again to turn off the device. Rinse and pat your face dry, then apply any other skincare products of your choice, if desired. 

LED Treatment:

Apply Glycosaminoglycans Conductor Gel to the face or Treatment Serums from Joli Visage Skincare, Superior C Serum, The Reviving Collagen Serum, or Hyaluronic Molecule Serum. Choose the LED Mode for your skin concern.  Gently and slowly move the LED against the skin for 5 Minutes in circular motion for the first 2-3 minutes. For the 2nd step hold the device against areas of the skin that need additional correction in fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, breakout and dull skin for 20-30 seconds per area to achieve a more dramatic results.  Massage product in to the skin when session is completed and apply am or pm treatment products.


 Recommended for ALL SKIN TYPES 

90 Day Warranty:  We will replace JoliPro Facial Device with LED within 90 Days against manufacturers defects.  Device must be returned to our business at customers expense. Device must be returned in undamaged condition.  We will replace or repair at no cost to our customers.  

Contraindications & Warnings: talk to your doctor if you have epilepsy, heart conditions, a pacemaker, metal plates or pins, or if you are pregnant as there may be risk in using this device. Please consult your physician before attempting to use this device. Must wait 14 Days after botox or filler injections 


79*82*35 mm 

3" x 3-1/4" x 3/4"








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