Curestem Cell Healer C20 GD11 - Single Ampoule or Box of 10 - Professionals Only

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Curestem (cure+stem cell) Skin/Hair Growth Ampoule- Curestem Cell Healer C20  GD11 -  Single Ampoule or  Box of 10 

Ethical Stem Cell Sourcing for Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare Results

The CURESTEM Cell Healer series is a skin booster with maximized regeneration, healing and recovery effects containing “Human cord blood cell conditioned media”, USC1994TM developed by the top stem cell experts of the best R&D cluster in Korea through comprehensive research on human cord blood cell conditioned media.

The GD11 Curestem Cell Healer C20 contains 200,000ppm of human cord blood cell conditioned media that helps improve skin sensitivity, elasticity, skin regeneration and even improves healthy scalp environment for hair. This serum works well with all skin types and promotes dramatic results.

What it does Improves skin sensitivity, - Enhances elasticity, skin regeneration - Improves healthy scalp environment for healthy hair ※ Use immediately after mixing with N/S because no preservative is included


PROFESSIONAL ONLY:  Please contact us through the Esthetician Application on our homepage.



.detail image1 CURESTEM CELL HEALER C5,C10,C20

About the Brand

CURESTEM” is a restorative cosmetic brand for clinics and skincare professionals developed by Kangstem Biotech’s unique source technology of utilizing human cord blood cell and Dongwha Pharmaceutical’s 122 years of know-how.

Volume -
2 ml - Freedried Powder Ampoule

Stronger than the C10

2ml x 10 Vials

200,000 ppm human cord blood cell conditioned media

Works with all skin types




  • Blend CURESTEM Skin Relaxer (5ml) with Directions ■ Lift the cap to open. ■ Hold the aluminum cap handle and pull it down to open. ■ Remove the aluminum cap by turning it to the side and then, open the rubber cap. ■ Mix 2 ml of normal saline and ½ of the mixture and used/applied during Micro needling/Mesotherapy procedure and apply other ½ afterward for soothing phase with the electroporation device.
  • Best to use all of the product at once. This product is active it should be used same day for best results.
  • Use with Stainless Steel Microneedling Device.
  • Microneedling should be performed and apply the mixture slowly with a fan brush to each area (2" x 2") making sure to apply enough serum until absorbed into the head, face or neck.


    Water (Aqua), Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media,


We Cannot Accept Returns on Curestem Cell Healer C20 GD11 
We Offer this Treatment Ampoule for Dermarolling Purposes at the most affordable price on the market!

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