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Glycolic Acid & AHA Benefits - Benefits of Glycolic Acid to Know About

Posted by kelly ozmon on 08-30-2015


Benefits of AHA & Glycolic Acid

Not all glycolic acid products work to get rid of wrinkles. Learn why and find the best products to brighten your complexion and treat wrinkles, age spots, and acne all at once.

For non-prescription anti-aging skin care, glycolic acid products are the best for fixing many of the most stubborn skin problems that occur as your skin ages. Add a broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen along with the right glycolic acid product and you have a powerful anti-aging skin care routine. That’s because a glycolic acid product is:

  • One of the best non-prescription anti-aging wrinkle creams you can use.
  • One of the best products to unclog your pores and fight blackheads and acne.
  • A great way to instantly brighten your complexion almost overnight because it exfoliates your skin using natural chemistry that changes your outer dead skin cell layer in a way that almost polishes it to a shiny luster. It means you can get instant gratification when you add glycolic acid to your skin care! Able to give you a more youthful, supple and hydrated complexion. This is because strong glycolic acid products “tell” your skin to make more hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural skin substance that is important for moist, healthy skin that looks its best.
  • Available as facial creams and lotions that act as powerful skin lightening products to fight irregular skin pigment. Glycolic acid will help lighten melasma and get rid of age spots. When patients ask me how to remove age spots on the face and body skin, I always incorporate glycolic acid into their total skin care routine.

How do you pick the best glycolic acid product?

With so many benefits, you can see why glycolic acid is an important component in so many facial skin care products. The trick, however, is to find powerful glycolic acid facial skin care products that work. Unfortunately, not all glycolic acid products deliver results. That's because product pH and free acid content vary and you can’t tell this from reading the product label. (Yes, only the lab that made the product knows this information and it takes effort to find it. That’s because it’s not the total glycolic acid percent written on the label, it’s the chemistry of all the ingredients once mixed together!) Our glycolic acid products, which are available here on, are powerful products made to get you results. They are the same products that I we use in our Jolie Skin Clinic Practice to treat our patients and the same products that I personally have used for years for myself and my family. I believe they are the best of all glycolic acid skin care products made. And, I've watched the products work for thousands of our Joli Clients over the past 15 years. Without fail, these products deliver the best glycolic acid skin care results available today.

How do you combine glycolic acid products with other products for even more anti-aging results?

Finally, if your goal is to use the most powerful anti-aging products possible for your skin, consider combining our  Rectifying  Glycolic Acid with our Retinol Night Crème and Esthetique Collagen Builder kit at night. For Daytime Another state-of-the-art anti-aging skin care option is to combine our Transformation AHA Treatment Creme with Anti-Oxidant products,"THE BEST" Vitamin C Serum , Nutrient Serum & Advanced Rejuvenation Crème SPF 36 . For the full Trifecta of anti-aging skin care day and night. These products are full of Anti-oxidants. The pm treatment is full of collagen building and cell turnover ingredients. Daytime you will be getting the best anti-aging skin care powerhouses: broad spectrum sunscreen, a retinoid, vitamin C, and glycolic acid in a skin care routine that’s also rich in soothing and protecting green tea. You can alternate Retinol with Glycolic Acid at night or layer glycolic acid and vitamin C during the day. But, start with one of these and slowly work up to all three. Be patient and wait to see your skin transform. This really is the best of the best from science and nature for today's intelligent anti-aging skin care. Whether you choose glycolic acid alone or in combination with our Sensitive & Calming Products and Dry Mature Products and/or our Retinol Cream, the results are astounding!


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