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The Best Skin Treatment for the Body:

Posted by Iv​ on 12-30-2016

I recently became more disciplined with my skincare routine for my body. I've noticed one of the challenges is the expense of covering my entire body with products that are as effective as my skin care line! I have experienced a lot of sun-damage growing up in Southern California, born in 1962, being a super tomboy, my days were filled with playing in the Orange Groves and building play houses with a hammer in my hand with cut-off 501 shorts with rows of sewn patterns around the straggly hem! Never did I think I would be obsessed with reversing signs of the sun I was exposed to. But Low and behold at age 16 I decided that thick, lush layers of pure Vitamin E Oil would be a preventive ingredient to keep my facial skin pretty and soft.

Forward time to 2016 and my commitment to my legs and arms is in full throttle! I start my daily routine with Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion, I keep it in the shower, shave with it and love the ingredients, Shea Butter and Dimethicone and no cleansing agent. It's affordable, our company Brand, Joli Visage Skincare hasn't developed a product like it and I love using it! Using a Daily Loofa on the body and alternating with a body scrub is a very important step. Exfoliation whether mechanical or chemical will reveal smoother skin, and by removing the top layer of cells, reveals smoother skin.

After shower care products I like to combine to make a cocktail! I'm using three products and if I'm short of time I combine them in the palm of my hand instead of applying them separately. Amlactin is a high concentration of Lactic Acid from Milk, Lactic Acid, and can be purchased very affordably from Costco Wholesale. When we had our contract with Costco Wholesale for our company I would point people all day to the Amlactin isle. It is a must in my routine as it exfoliates but hydrates very intensely. I combine Utterly Smooth Creme, a thick and heavy cream, very affordable keeping the moisture locked in all day. It can be purchased at any drugstore. The third item I combine is our Neck Reserve Cream by Joli Visage Skincare.

I use the size of a quarter and add it to the other two products. The ingredients are targeted for the delicate neck area, and a difference can be seen quickly. So I decided what's good for the neck is good for the legs and arms! This routine has turned back the clock on my legs and arms! I will be working on an affordable Retinol Creme for the legs and arms! I think that my be the missing ingredients to excel my results!

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