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Kelly's Guide to Creating a Neck Care Routine

Kelly's Guide to Creating a Neck Care Routine

Posted by kelly ozmon on 08-11-2023

The delicate area of the neck can be treated and you'll see a visible result layering these two products.?


Cleanse the face, neck and décolleté and massage to create circulation in the skin. You should notice a pinkish tone in the skin. 

The Neck Reserve Creme for targeted action - this multi-action am/pm lotion is formulated for intensive skin repair, skin tightening, firming and lifting, particularly the neck area, to help with sagging "Turkey" neck, crepe skin & to make the neck appear slimmer and thinner!

Why our luxurious anti-wrinkle neck treatment is the best?

Joli Visage Skincare collaborates with the leading bio-chemist in the USA. Our product line is result driven and has a proven record. Our clients are treated at our Skin Clinic in Southern California & Joli Visage Skincare was the featured skincare line a Costco Wholesale.

Step 2.

Apply Reviving Collagen Serum to the neck and massage it in. You'll love the Reviving Collagen Serum so use it all over the face, neck and chest but apply it two times on the neck.? 

An Elegant and Progressive complex with synergistic combination of Peptides, Snow Algae, and Hyaluronic Acid softening wrinkles and producing smoother healthier appearing skin. The Active Ingredient Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 is an ideal ingredient to improve skin firmness by enhancing properties in the skin, including elastin and collagen.

The increase of elastin and collagen will increase skin firmness and sagging. Adding more beneficial ingredients to our Powerhouse Reviving Collagen Serum is Snow algae, it thrives in frigid high mountain areas and have the unique ability to survive brutal changes in temperature.

When applied to living cells, snow algae activate a longevity gene and the enzyme AMPK, which in turn enhances DNA repair.

Step 3. 

Apply Neck Reserve Cream liberally onto the neck, do this at night before bed. The ingredients in this formulation are specifically targeted for delicate, thinner skin! ? 

Step 4.

Apply our Newest Formulation, Reviving Matrixyl 3000 Deep Wrinkle Cream to the face. For added benefit apply a little bit over the Neck Reserve Cream, Not necessary but if you know me, I am always applying more! It's like an insurance policy for smoother skin! ✨

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