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Kick Off the New Year with an Effective, New Skin Care Routine

Kick Off the New Year with an Effective, New Skin Care Routine


Your skin is a direct impression of your health. A healthy body means a healthy and glowing skin too. This is why your skin should be your priority. It is not important to buy the most expensive products, but to invest in products that are most effective on your skin. Choosing the right kind of products for your skin will decide how you will be looking for a very-very long time. So here are some tips on having an effective skincare routine.


People often make the mistake of washing their face with either hot or cold water and actually both are not good for your skin. The trick is to wash your face with lukewarm water. Hot water can actually be harmful for your skin and cause dryness and damage. Lukewarm waters help increasing the blood circulation of your face making your skin happier.


Using clean towels and pillow covers is very essential for having an acne free skin. You face spends more than 8 hours on the pillow and this is why the sheet needs to be clean. The trick is to change the covers every 3-4 days.

Talking about face towels, you use them after washing your face and it should be obvious that your towel should be clean too otherwise what is the purpose of washing your face.


Using a gentle daily scrub or scrubbing your face every three days can help clean the dead skin cells off your face leaving a rich glowing skin free from extra layers of dead skin that dulls your skin.


Moisturising your skin is very important even if you have an oily skin because just like our body, our skin needs hydration too and this hydration is provided my moisturiser.

For people with oily skin an oil free or gel based moisturiser is the best option to go for.


What you eat is what you show. Green vegetables are rich in nutrients and this is why they end up making your body and skincarefeel happier. It is true that whatever goes inside you shows up on your face and this is why eating your greens is important.

If you religiously add these steps to your skin care, your skin will glow up in no time. It is important to take care of your skin especially if you are in your mid-twenties as the care you take today will always show up on your face in form of wrinkle free skin in the long term.


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