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Posted by kelly ozmon on 08-10-2021

We recently launched a professional device called the ProLift HF Device which is High frequency that is combined with 5 modalities. We are bombarded with facial products and devices. I realize that because on a daily basis I get ads on Facebook, emails & promotions for professional devices for our skin clinic.

Let me try and clarify the benefits of Radio Frequency first. Radio Frequency comes from a single pole, or electrode. The energy is a low-level heat that penetrates evenly throughout the epidermis.

This process creates many benefits in the skin. It triggers a healing response & collagen, shrinks pores, and it plumps up the skin.

Since it only reaches epidermal layers without penetrating the deep dermis, RF is a better choice for addressing volume loss and loss of collagen. The skin will improve over time and look more full and supple.


HIFU, or high-intensity focused ultrasound, delivers a targeted, and intensive ultrasonic energy to stimulate collagen production and tissue remodeling. This process goes deeper within the skin layers down into the dermis below the epidermis reaching deeper into the skin than RF, and the fractional heat encourages deep dermal tissue to produce new compact collagen fibers. An added benefit of HIFU is its ability to melt fat, especially for those concerned about facial or body fat, and lower face and neck sagging. This option is ideal for skin that is sagging or has loss of muscle in the face and neck. A gradual lifting and firming will be seen with consistent use of a home device.

When I talk to clients that are coming into our skin clinic at Jolie Day Spa/Skin Clinic I always recommend using their home devices.

The power of LED, Radio Frequency, Steaming and or Micro needling can accompany professional facial treatments!

The benefits are visible. I do these treatments myself when I am in my home in Tennessee. While I am sending emails and working in my office, I love to sit with my LED facial mask on and in the evening use my ProLift Device! I am seeing so many changes in my skin. The other day my husband noticed the small pre-cancer on my nose. Or, I should say he asked me where did the mark on my nose go? In my honest opinion I believe it has been healed from the LED Mask! The power of energy!

Good energy is all around us.

Thanks for reading.......Kelly


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