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Why does our skin improve when using  Glycosaminoglycans?

Why does our skin improve when using Glycosaminoglycans?

Posted by kelly ozmon on 02-02-2023

Our 21 years of Esthetician work and Clinical Skincare facial treatments analyzing, touching, examining the skin to understand what's lacking in a client's skincare routine so that we can prescribe products that "Create Changes!" 

Glycosaminoglycans are a POWERHOUSE Ingredient. The primary role is to maintain and support collagen, elastin and turgid (bounce) in the cellular spaces and keep protein fibers in balance and proportion. It facilitates the collagen and elastin fibers helping them to retain moisture. Glycosaminoglycans are water-binding molecules that can hold nearly 1,000 times their own weight, which helps provide moisture to the skin. 

We use our Glycosaminoglycans Collagen & Elastin Conductor Gel Mask in the treatment rooms at our skin clinic with LED Light Therapy, after microdermabrasion or a facial. 

How we recommend for you to use it: 

Glycosaminoglycans Collagen & Elastin Conductor Gel-Mask 

  • Apply over our treatment serums at night using it as a sleeping mask 
  • Apply as a quick 20-minute mask. 
  • Apply on the face and neck all night, working it into the skin and layering night cream over the top several times per week. 
  • Mix a½ Teaspoon with our Miracle Cream and apply nightly.

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