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Your Eyes Can Smile with Revolutionary Anti-aging Eye Cream

Your Eyes Can Smile with Revolutionary Anti-aging Eye Cream


They say eyes are the windows to the soul. But what about their gatekeepers, that sensitive skin around them? What happens if nobody can see the beauty of your eyes, because wrinkles and rigid skin take all the attention? Be of good cheer: the latest findings in natural skin-care research have reveled something that can fight the toughest wrinkles around your eyes and regenerate this sensitive skin -- and make you shine like never before!

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on your face?

Constant exposure to UV sun radiation, countless hours a day spent in front of screens, sleepless nights we spend catching up with work or taking care of our little ones… None of it helps.

And we didn’t even mention makeup we use to cover up for puffy eyes and dark circles.

Quality makeup removal tonic takes care of that, you might say. But what about all those strokes we make while we remove makeup and damage a part of that delicate skin without even noticing it? We don’t notice it at once, but what happens in the long run?

Things could and should be different.

Imagine the smooth, silky skin around your eyes that needs only a light touch of make up with nothing to hide. Being able to smile “with your eyes”, not wondering if you look old while doing it. And turning the clock back by regenerating delicate skin around your eyes. Sounds impossible? Not when science and nature work hand in hand.

What causes aging, anyway? It’s inflammation, hindrance of wound healing, collagen synthesis, free radicals. Can these indeed be stopped?

Yes. The all amazing nature has provided a cure along with the challenge, and it’speptides.
Here is what peptides have been discovered to do:

  • Reduce wrinkles (Peptides are essential amino acids required to maintain body metabolism and health, their presence prevents the skin from losing it’s strength, shine and bounce)
  • Reduce dark spots
  • They have an anti-oxidative effect
  • Firm the skin and add volume

The French cosmetologists were the first ones who started working on the idea of re-supplementing peptides into the skin by creating an eye cream rich in them. After 50 years of research, trial and error, other ingredients were added to help re-generation of the skin’s own peptides, as well as the plant ingredients that help support skin volume and help the rest of the ingredients work together in synergy.
And I’m SO thrilled: we were able to get their formula! Honestly, I’m so excited, because this stuff has been proven to work, and has amazing reviews!

So – let me introduce you to JoliSpa Anti Aging Eye Cream :)

Stop-Ageing from Joli Visage takes complete care for your delicate skin around your eyes in 4 crucial ways:

  1. Supports peptide renewal. Peptides are amino acids that give firmness and elasticity to our skin. Its absence means soggy and rigor skin accompanied by wrinkles.
    Multipep-7 contains 7 different peptides that have better anti-oxidative effect than individual ones used separately. It reduces wrinkle formation, improves dark spots and circles, and at same time boosts skin’s resilience by inducing collagen synthesis.
  2. Strengthens the skinwith premium Volufline ingredient. Extracted from root of Asian plant “Zhi Mu”clinical data shows skin’s volume increases by 8.4% after 56 days of use.
  3. Promptly moisturizes and nurtures skin with Centella Asiatica Extract. Called “Tiger Herb” because of tigers' habit to roll in it to heal their wounds it empowers skin regeneration; this ingredient has immediate impact on skin once applied.
  4. Tightens and purifies skin.Patented Herbal Composition formulated with 4 herbal extracts obtained from nature have anti-oxidative, anti-wrinkle and anti-Inflammatory effects on the skin.

Peptide Stop-Age is a complete solution for your eye skin. This means you can free up your shelf and replace individual solutions for nurturing, moisturizing and renewal effects with one product that takes care of everything. It’s one cream to rule them all. Make your eyes shine again with smooth and healthy skin with help from Peptide Stop-Aging Eye Cream.

Buy it now -- the price is scheduled to go up once we run out of our trial supply


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