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The Derma Glow Hydra Pen Device a Powerful Anti-aging Tool from Joli Visage Skincare a premier, high quality, high performance device delivers improvement of skin texture, thickening of the skin, infuses skin with nutrients,  firms, tightens, and builds collagen, reducing dry and dehydrated skin. We are proud to offer clinical results in our Derma Glow Hydra Pen Device.


What Is Nano-needling? 

At Joli Visage Skincare, we are proud to introduce the Derma Glow Hydra Pen Device, a versatile and high-quality tool that offers unparalleled results. This innovative device, which we use at our spa and clinic, is now available for our online customers as well. 

The Derma Glow Pen Device is truly a game-changer. Its stainless-steel head, measuring 1/4" in diameter, features over 70 small rounded raised heads. Not only is this head safe to use, but it is also highly effective. When the nano-head vibrates against the skin, it gently stamps ampoules, serums, or essences into the skin. The device also comes with a cartridge that contains a rounded raised head on one end and a 3 ML vial with a stopper on the other end, allowing you to fill it with any ampoule or serum of your choice. 

The results of using the Derma Glow Pen Device are visible after just one treatment. The nano head not only provides a gentle exfoliation and resurfacing effect but also ensures that serums or ampoules are absorbed deeper and more efficiently into the skin compared to applying them with your hands.

What makes this device truly remarkable is its ability to hydrate the skin at a deeper level and infuse the skin's layers with active ingredients. The transdermal delivery system of the Derma Glow Hydra Pen creates pathways for substances to penetrate the skin more deeply, resulting in more intense and effective results. It's no wonder that nano needling has become popular in skin clinics and among estheticians. And now, with the Derma Hydra Pen, you can safely enjoy the benefits of this technology in the comfort of your own home. 

In addition to the two nano heads that come with the Derma Hydra Pen, you can also order nano micro-needling heads in three different sizes. Furthermore, for those seeking a simple infusion for their nightly skincare routine, we offer 4D Silicone Tips that can be purchased separately. 

Experience the power of nano needling with the Derma Glow Hydra Pen Device and enjoy the transformative results it brings. Whether you're looking to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or enhance the absorption of your favorite skincare products, this device is a must-have. Invest in your skin and achieve a radiant and youthful complexion with the Derma Glow Hydra Pen Device.

Please note that if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the Derma Glow Hydra Pen Device or its usage, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly customer support team. We are here to assist you every step of the way on your journey to healthier and more beautiful skin. 

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting skincare innovations from Joli Visage Skincare. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and treatments that deliver real and noticeable results.


Why our Derma Hydra Pen & Nano Micro-needling Device are the options: 

Nano-Pin Options: 

  • 4   D Silicone Tip - The silicone tip is smooth and presses the serums and ampoules very gently into the skin. Vs. Nano Head provides exfoliation and infusions of serums.
  • 12 Pin - .25 MM   Superficial Micro-needling depth - tiny, microscopic, controlled punctures on the very surface of the skin
  • 12 Pin - 0.5 MM - Slightly deeper micro-needling depth - very controlled, slightly deeper controlled punctures on the surface of the skin punctures
  • 12 Pin - 1.0 MM - Deeper micro-needling depth for clients with thicker, non-sensitive skin, controlled punctures  






  • Refreshing dull skin
  • Improving skin texture
  • Minimizing large pores
  • Slightly evening out the skin tone
  • Slightly and gradually working away fine lines
  • Slightly and gradually diminishing scars
  • Refining the complexion with consistent use
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation

Nano needling also brings about increased blood flow into the area, so it gives you that healthy glow. It can also cause an increase in collagen production, but this shows improvement over time.

How to use:
Nano Round Tip
First charge the Derma Hydra Pen & Nano Micro-needling Device for 2-3 hours. Remove the cartridge and rinse out the vial with the rubber stopper. Fill the vial with serum or ampoule liquid. Start the Derma Hydra Pen on low setting. The device can be set at level 1-6, lowest starting at 1, 2, or 3 are a good place to start for first time user and gradually increasing the level for desired results after a few treatments. The higher the setting the more exfoliation and infusion will be seen. Caution: Be sure to watch the skin in a mag lamp to see how much exfoliation is achieved. A little pinkish tone is normal. We do not want to see the skin torn or broken we are looking for a soft pinkish tone evenly spread all over the face, neck and decollete.
The neck and undereye are very thin. Use a very gently setting on those areas.
Nano Round Head - This setting can be used in circular motion on the face, neck and chest. When using the circular motion be sure that a pass is made evenly all over the face and move onto another section. Example: Forward, circular motion, cheeks, circular motion, chin, circular motion, undereye, gentle and delicate motion, neck very light tough, and chest circular motion. Use light pressure allowing the Nano Round Head to touch the surface of the skin. The essence (serum or ampoule) will disperse unto the skin and the Nano Round Head will work the product into the skin.
4D Silicone Tip
This tip can be used every day. This tip is designed to glide over the skin and push the active ingredients into the skin at deeper levels. Easy to use and relaxing.

These tips can be ordered and come in three sizes, smallest 0.25 MM very superficial nano-microneedling creating microchannels for infusion of serums & ampoules. The 0.5 MM is a mid-length gentle approach, and 1.0 MM for the person that is ready to take it to the next level.
These steps and tip cartridges allow you to safely and easily learn how to use Nano-Micro channeling on the skin and "Create Changes" in the skin. We offer professional grade ampoules from France and South Korea for this device and Superior C Serum, Reviving Collagen Serum or any of our serums or essences are amazing for daily routines.


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