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The Cream & Beige Marble Resin is Elegant and Understated for every day wear or evening wear. Trendy Round & Smooth Pattern Resin Bracelet has a Shiny surface, no scratches and very smooth. The Cream & Beige Marble Bangle with environmentally friendly Acrylic Resin with no fading or cracking. Ergonomic design to ensure the bangle fits comfortably and remains comfortable even during prolonged periods of wearing. Lightweight and durable. Stack with other Resin Bracelets or Gold Accent Bracelet and elegate any outfit that is casual or elegant for any day or night! 


About World of Jolie Pretty Jewelry

Special Packaging
The World of Jolie pays tremendous attention to the packaging of its products. All of our products are delivered in a specially designed drawer style box and in a square shaped pretty box. The packaging is great for gifts and for storing your jewelry with comfort. Jewelry is always a great gift option for special occasions; such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Therefore, we made sure that your loved ones will be amazed to receive a Jewelry Luxury package.

Gold Filled Jewel Care
Gold filled Plated is very durable so it will last for a much longer time if it is well maintained. Gold Plated is easy to care for; and the best cleaning method is gently polishing it with a soft cloth. You can also wash it with mild soap when it is necessary. Since, any kind of jewelry can be tarnished by getting in contact with harsh chemicals we suggest you to keep it away from detergents or similar cleaning agents. We recommend you to store your piece, in the jewelry box that is provided when not in use.

Ethical and Sustainable
In the process of choosing The World of Jolie manufacturing partners, we examine not only the manufacturer’s product quality but also its working standards. We make sure that all the products we buy are ethically produced, by manufacturers which provide good working conditions and adopt fair trade practices. We are also focusing on sustainability by using recycled material whenever possible for our products. Working directly with manufacturers and eliminating wholesalers gives us the power to examine all the manufacturing standards directly and to provide the best value to our customers.

Cream & Beige Marble Resin Bangle

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