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The system is designed to treat fine lines, pigmentation, and acne, and it offers visible results within one week of use. The System includes: Intensite Hyaluronic+ Centella Asiatica Serum, Mandelic Acid Ampoule, EGF/KGF Ampoule, Blue Copper Peptide Ampoule, and Melanin Ampoule. Each ampoule contains concentrated ingredients and delivers effective results. 

The Intensite+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Centella Asiatica is a perfect deliver system for applying the ampoules.  A luxurious mixture of actives coupled by the calming ingredients in the Intensite+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  

Here's what each ampoule will do for your skin:

The Blue Copper Peptide Ampoule stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, firming the skin and reducing fine lines. Copper peptides also help soothe and heal the skin, produce antioxidant enzymes, and promote the production of building blocks for the skin's natural barrier. 

The Melanin Ampoule with Tranexamic Acid Ampoule contains beneficial ingredients like Glycine Betaine, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also keeps the skin calm and less reactive to sun and environmental damage, leading to hyperpigmentation.


The EGF/KGF Ampoule contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF), which stimulate skin cell growth, strengthen the skin barrier, and promote cell proliferation and wound healing. It also includes Oligopeptide-5, Copper Peptide, and Triple Helix Collagen, which hydrate the skin, promote collagen and elastin production, and improve skin texture. 

The Mandelic Acid Ampoule is a Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from Bitter Almonds. It is known for treating skin problems like photo-aging, irregular pigmentation, and acne. Unlike other Apha Hydroxy Acids, Mandelic Acid is less irritating and safer to use.


How to use the system: start by applying 3-4 drops of the Intensite+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Centella Asiatica and placing it in the pea tree dish. Then, apply 1-2 small drops of any or all of the ampoules. Experiment with different ampoules to find the ones that work best for your skin. The ampoules can be used together or separately and combining them delivers amazing results. It is recommended to take pictures of your skin on day one and every thirty days to track your progress. For moisturization, you can use Le Marine Moisturizer for hydration, Spongilla Collagen Creme for collagen stimulation, or Stop Aging Peptide Cream for plumping. It is beneficial to alternate between these creams to prevent the skin from becoming used to one moisturizer. Remember to consult with a skincare professional or dermatologist before starting any new skincare regimen. After applying Centella Asiatica with Melanin Ampoule, EGF/KGF Ampoule, Blue Copper Ampoules & Mandelic Acid Ampoule apply Stop Aging Peptide Cream alternating with Spongilla Collagen Cream at night


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Revitalizing Ampoule System

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