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We offer the most advanced home system that will deliver results.
The Blue Copper Ampoule, Micro-needling Device & EGF Facial Masque System Includes: 
1- JoliPro Led Micro-needling Device
Offers high quality, ergonomically designed Red and Blue Led Light combined with micro-needling therapy and vibration for stimulating Collagen. This Award-Winning Device by JoliPro offers an easy way to treat your skin at home.


This true anti-aging procedure, JoliPro Led Micro needling Device will accelerate healing and treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation and encourage healthy skin with the combination of Red-Light Therapy combined with Micro needling. The Added benefit of vibration triggers blood flow and lymphatic movement in the skin.The Blue light destroys bacteria in the skin and clears up acne and inflammation and combined with micro-needling will quickly heal irritation and treat acne. We recommend using the JoliPro Led Micro-needling Device 3x's times per week.

Joli Visage DNA/EGF products are suggested for healing, acne, fine lines & wrinkles.

Improves skin sensitivity, - Enhances elasticity, skin regeneration - Improves healthy scalp environment for healthy hair ※ Use immediately after mixing with Saline Solution because no preservative is included

1- Blue Copper Peptide Ampoule

Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, firming the skin and reducing fine lines.
Benefits of copper peptides? Studies have shown that copper peptide promotes the production of collagen and elastin in skin (the bonds that keep skin plump and youthful) and targets various visible signs of aging. Copper peptides also help to soothe and heal skin and produce antioxidant enzymes that destroy free radicals that can damage skin. These peptides also promote the production of glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and other building blocks of the skin’s natural barrier.



1 -EGF Collagen Freeze-dried Facial Masque

The concentrated Epidermal Growth Factor Collagen Masque contains Hyaluronic Acid, Mannitol, Trehalose, Oligopeptide-1 (Growth Factors) and Allantion.
The active ingredients will infuse the skin with healing benefits but most of all deliver accelerated results after using the micro-needling device and Blue Copper Peptides.
We recommend occluding the skin with Miracle Cream for the last step of this facial treatment.

Blue Copper Ampoule, Micro-needling Device & EGF Facial Masque System

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