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Aging & Radiating Beauty From Within

Aging & Radiating Beauty From Within

Posted by kelly ozmon on 01-16-2017

I like the familiar quote "I want to grow old graciously". We all have a different interpretation of that ideal. I am privileged to research ingredients & launch formula's for Joli Visage Skincare Co. Researching ingredients that can help maintain skincare health and structure. It is so exciting to offer these products to our clientele after formulation. But, I can't help but think great skincare is not the only answer for positive Anti-Aging. I think about that during my daily routine. When I'm layering the most beneficial products to my body & face, eating healthy, and exercising I'm reminded that is not just about the outside body. It is essential to invest time into the inside soul, to feed my spirit. Daily devotions, my faith, and positive thoughts can radiate beauty from within. I believe that negativity, resentment, and anger can be harder to fight as we grow older, and it shows on our faces, the way we carry our body and feel about ourselves. So, this year 2017, I commit to taking care of my inner self, investing in my inner beauty and graciousness! We see many clients in our Skin Clinic, but the women who take care of themselves both internally and externally, simply radiate beauty and glow that is not just about good skincare!

Epidermal Growth Factors

One of my favorite choices for my under eyes and a product that I am very proud of is Our Le Regenerating Eye Creme formula. It contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). The delicate skin in the eye area is already thinner than in the rest of the face, and it gets thinner as we get older. I believe thinner skin is why capillaries are more visible, contributing to the appearance of dark under-eye circles. If you have dark under-eye circles caused by broken capillaries, Le Regenerating Creme will improve them or clear them completely (the same properties will help erase bruising of any cause, because the actives will help clear the tell-tales signs of blood leaks). Growth factors applied to the skin surface penetrate the epidermis and in theory, should ‘fertilise’ your skin. I like this article, Epidermal Growth factors. It explains that Growth Factors are proteins that regulate cellular growth, proliferation and differentiation under controlled conditions. They play an important part in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.  

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