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After 42 Years Combined Experience, Kelly J. and Suzanne Bitz, Aestheticians, Joli Visage Skincare, Jolie Day Spa Skin Clinic Founders offer their dream device! A rechargeable Microcurrent and EMS facial device with dual hemispheres of the Microcurrent is ideal for face, neck and decolletage. We love the two options of EMS and Mircrocurrent the Intense Pro Lift Offers. Intense Pro Lift device is designed to address several skin concerns. 





What does Microcurrent do? 

Intense Pro Lift by Joli Visage Skincare offers at-home Microcurrent and EMS Facial Rejuvenation, delivering exceptional results The unique design of Intense Pro Lift offers two settings and provides an adjustable output of microcurrent pulses delivered through four levels: 5 microamperes (µA), 10µA, 15µA, and 20µA, and two modes. Mode 1 provides low-level electrical microcurrent pulses resulting in optimal facial stimulation at 9.6Hz. Mode 2 provides Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) at 4.5Hz. What does Microcurrent do? Microcurrent uses pulsating electrical currents of low voltage to boost ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production in the skin. ATP is a major energy molecule for all intracellular processes. It assists with collagen production, elastin production, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and cellular regeneration. Microcurrent is used to help re-educate the underlying muscles, giving better tone to the face. The result is a firmer facial tone, diminished lines and overall improvement in texture because when the muscles are firmer the skin becomes tighter. At one time, microcurrent facial treatment was exclusively offered through day/medical spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons offices but now with Intense Pro Lift and Activator results are visibly seen within a few months with continued use in the comfort of your home.






 What are EMS Benefits?

EMS is used to activate the skin cells, stimulating rejuvenation of collagen, to improve skin elasticity, soften wrinkles and make your skin look smooth and healthy. The result is a firmer facial tone, diminished lines and overall improvement in texture. EMS has been found to be a great addition to the facial treatments that men and women have been undergoing for centuries. Facial EMS can help to rejuvenate your skin and create a bright and clear complexion. It can also help to reduce sagging skin. There are 42 muscles in the face, and when we laugh alone, about 17 facial muscles are involved. Through the targeted stimulation of the facial muscles with EMS machine over a longer period of time, the skin tissue can be strengthened, the skin becomes tightened through strengthened muscles with the use of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), the skin can also be better supplied with nutrients and oxygen through better blood circulation and lymph flow, which can make the skin look plumper and smoother. 

PROTOCOL: Suggested Use 5-15 minutes/day. For the first 60 days, use 5 days/week, then 3-4 days/week to maintain results. Apply Glycosaminoglycans Collagen & Elastin Conductor Gel all over the face and neck. During the treatment spray the Rewetting Spray to keep the conductor gel wet. Apply additional Conductor & Rewetting Sray as needed. For beginners start treatment at 5 minutes on Level 1, and gradually increase up to 10-15 minutes before proceeding to higher intensities. The intensity of the device will vary depending on your own individual sensitivity. Who should avoid microcurrent devices? Few clinical trials have examined the side effects of microcurrent therapy, but dermatologists generally consider it safe for those who don't have any contraindications (reasons that someone should avoid a given treatment). 

60 Day Warranty:  We will replace Intense ProLift within 60 Days against manufacturers defects.  Device must be returned to our business at customers expense. Device must be returned in undamaged condition.  We will replace or repair at no cost to our customers.  

Contraindications & Warnings: talk to your doctor if you have epilepsy, heart conditions, a pacemaker, metal plates or pins, or if you are pregnant as there may be risk in using this device. Please consult your physician before attempting to use this device. Must wait 14 Days after botox or filler injections



Holly B

I have been using the Intense Pro Lift for 4 weeks and I can't believe the changes in my skin.
The EMS has a brightening, detoxification effect on my skin and really feels good with the amazing gel and rewetting spray! I love the lift I am getting from the microcurrent too!
Just love this device

Betty Martin
This is the best device I've ever used!  I am seeing results on my skin.  It's firmer and tighter and feels so much healthier.  The Glycosaminoglycans Conductor Gel is amazing and the Rewetting Spray is
really good product that is so hydrating on my skin!
Thank you Joli Visage Skincare.
 Liz P.
I can't say enough about the quality of this device!  I love the results I get and I always look forward to using the device.
You can see tightening and firming and more hydrated skin with the conductor gel and spray!
I am so happy with this treatment for home use!
Tammy B.
It is worth every penny and my skin feels like I have had a facial at the spa!
Tighter and firmer skin with real results!
Cindy B.
Best treatment on the market! This device is truly a treasure.  I've been seeing my skin changing for the better in just 1 short week.
The EMS & Microcurrent really stimulate the skin and lift the muscles.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products for conduction and rewetting spray!
Leave it on after you use the device it will hydrate your skin so well!





Intense Pro Lift Device System

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